The Athenian

CWRU's humor magazine, est. 2000

The Minions of Ath


This is Ath. He is an adorable (on occasions gentlemanly) screaming cat-beaver – tyrant and leader of the Athenian minion hoard.

But he doesn’t rule The Athenian alone – he has some helpful comrades.

Melanie Sayre – Editor in Chief

Evan Martin – Business Manager

My name is Evan Martin. My birth was marked by the appearance of a double rainbow, and the ghost of Teddy Roosevelt himself proclaimed the day to be a worldwide holiday. Or maybe it was Lincoln. I can’t remember, it was a really long time ago. Anyways, I’m a third year chemistry student, I’m the Business Manager of this wonderful magazine, and, in those moments when you can’t find me in the lab blowing stuff up or managing business, I enjoy playing on the Case ice hockey team, being a brother of Phi Kappa Psi, and just generally chilling with my bros and broettes. I like sports, living in Cleveland, and reanimating stolen skeletons so I can have someone to play cards with on Friday nights. If you see me around campus, come and say hi. Or say something else, like “Excuse me sir, but have you seen my pants lately?” The answer to that particular question would most likely be no, but you get the idea.

Carissa Conine – Managing Editor

After a childhood surrounded by books, cheese, and tractors, Managing Editor Carissa Conine left the icelandic tundra of Wisconsin to brave the not-quite-as-cold streets of Cleveland, drawn to Case Western’s alluring engineering department. Although someday Carissa will become a successful mechanical engineer who builds world-dominating robots, by the time she gets there The Athenian will have been just one more adventure beside going to the moon, performing “Maple Leaf Rag” in Carnegie Hall, skydiving, and correcting the multitudes on their grammar usage. If you want to get on her good side, tell her she has good taste in music, or about how much she reminds you of Emma Stone. Currently, she spends her days studying calculus and tricking people into thinking there’s a cat around by meowing realistically.

Rya Lally – Graphics Editor

Rya is a busy gal. Being a full-time vegetarian border-line hipster is very time consuming. She spends her days reading in coffee shops, attending gallery openings, strumming Neutral Milk Hotel songs, and making elaborate quinoa recipes. To fund her thrift store shopping and underground concerts, she works multiple jobs. Her career path has spanned from soliciting alumni for money to painting unicorn masks on small children. As for being a student, she’s not a good one. This is probably because she draws pictures of zombies and pirates instead of paying attention to her professors. When she is not doodling or solidifying her hipster identity, she enjoys chilling with the AXOs and dancing with the gays.

Patrick Melvin – Distribution Manager

Hallie Dolin – Senior Editor

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