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The Athenian: A History

In the beginning, waaaaaaaay back in the year 2000, there was chaos. Dogs said quack, pizza was good for you, and cows asked their farmers if they had a lighter they could borrow. But worst of all, Case Western Reserve University had no student humor magazine! This was something of a pickle, as students were suffering from a drastic lack of humorous bathroom material, and other students who liked writing a comedy had nowhere to congregate so they could talk about funny things and hide from the big, burning ball of fire in the sky. Not a literal pickle mind you, as that would just be ridiculous.
So a group of very, very, very attractive Case students got together and decide they wanted to write funny things and eat pizza together, so they formed The Athenian! (Cue angelic choir.) Why call it The Athenian, you ask? Well, first of all, you really should stop asking questions like that out loud, because you’re talking to your computer screen. Also, if the printer asks, tell him that I’m busy on Friday night. Anyway, The Athenian is so named because the Case nickname is the “Spartans”, and thus, being the smart asses we are, we chose the name of one of Sparta’s rival cities from back in the day. So there you have it. We’re The Athenian, we’re CWRU’s official student humor magazine, and we’re proud keep making people laugh, or at least smirk a little, since 2000.

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